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The history of Nougat Chabert & Guillot began with Alexander Chabert, a talented confectioner and pastry cook in Montélimar. Alexander started off by manufacturing traditional pastry and nougat. The brand’s specialty was delicious white and black nougat, which was specially manufactured for sale during the Christmas season. Nougat is one of the thirteen traditional Provence desserts during Christmas time.

The white and black nougat quickly gained in popularity and was no longer restricted to being served only at Christmas. People were enjoying this treat all through the year. To keep up with the demand, the company began producing this delicacy on a large scale. Today, the manufacturing unit produces about 15 tons of nougat every single day!

Through the years, Chabert & Guillot has been making Montelimar traditional French nougat with the finest quality sugar, butter, honey, and egg whites. The unparalleled quality and taste is testimony to their stringent quality control at every step, from procuring the raw materials through to the manufacturing and packaging processes.

The Chabert & Guillot Soft Montelimar Nougat Bar is made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. The pairing of slivered almonds and the sweet creamy texture, make this bar one of a kind. These nougat bars are available in a variety of flavors including Vanilla, Vanilla & Pistachio and Vanilla & Strawberry.

Each bar is individually wrapped and packaged beautifully as a flat pack or in an elegant bag. Whatever flavor you choose or whatever the packaging style, these delightfully soft and flavorful nougat bars make excellent gifts for any time of year!

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